Alquimia Proyectos Digitales

Drupal web development studio | Spain

Bienvenido a Alquimia Proyectos Digitales


  • all of our Projects are Drupal based

    We have developed a large bunch of projects of every kind: corporate, intranets, CRM, social networks, online shops and much more. And most of them are multilingual ones

  • we can offer services for your needs

    We can develop and deploy any state-of-the-art internet related project. So, we offer expert consultants, fine handcrafted developments, training and system administration.

    • Ecommerce Complex online shops customized to the bit — thanks to, selling products or services will be easy and comfortable for your company and customers
    • Mobile Developing for mobile market and adding a bit of social media networks will help you reaching the whole market you need.
    • Performance We are specialised in high performance systems, as we are so close friends with varnish y memcached.
    • Theming and backend We take care of backend and frontend, so we can deliver the bestwebdesign and user experience.
  • we are a Team with Drupal skills

    We are a great and all-purpose team that lives in and loves Internet. Our staff works from Barcelona to Cádiz thanks to internet, using the best collaborative and ease-of-use communication and project management tools, so we can focus on developing the best software solutions.

  • spice it up with loads of Drupal sauce

    Drupal is a really nice framework for quick website development. Thanks of a great community support and its open source license, Drupal is one of the most powerful and cutting-edge platforms to develop complex projects

  • We're Sorry :(

    But we don't have more free time to translate our web. If you need more info, we invite you to visit our Spanish or Català version :)